What Is Hygge and Why Should I Care?

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You’ve seen it all over your Instagram feed. You have no idea what it is and you can’t ask because you have no idea how to pronounce it. But what is this design trend taking the world by storm? What is hygge and why should I care?

First of all, let’s go over the pronunciation — hygge is pronounced “hoo-ga.” It’s a Danish approach to living simply and taking pleasure in the ordinary. Because this trend is all about being cozy, it’s the perfect time of year to embrace it and has exploded on Pinterest.

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Embrace hygge in your home by making some easy tweaks to your decor and lifestyle. First thing to do is to check your lighting. Hygge embraces natural light whenever possible. So throw open those curtains and let the light in. Since it’s getting dark earlier, when you can’t light your home up with natural light, supplement with low lighting, string lights (extra points for thin microwire) and best of all, firelight.

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Trending thick, cozy knit blankets and throws are the perfect hygge accessory for your living room. The more comfortable and cozy, the better. While you’re at it, also consider adding some plush faux-fur pillows and blankets to the couch. You’ll have the perfect hygge nest.

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Embrace nature and natural elements. Consider cutting tree branches and grouping greenery in a vase for a clean, fresh scent. Or, next time you are out on a hike, keep your eyes peeled for beautiful flat stones or another element from nature that inspires you. Incorporate these items in a bookshelf, on a coffee table or in the corner of a room.

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If you needed an excuse to spend some money on candles, hygge is it. Put candles absolutely everywhere to foster a warm, inviting home. While you’re at it, make sure you indulge in a bath with lit candles or an afternoon with a good book in a candle-filled living room.

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Last but certainly not least, hygge may be the reason you’ve been looking for to throw a dinner party for friends and indulge in comfort food. In the spirit of living simply and sharing with others, the best way to enjoy your surroundings is to open your home to those you love. Scatter tea lights down a table and toast to the good things in life. You’ve mastered hygge!

What do you think of this Danish way of living? Would you try it in your own home? What questions do you have about it? Tell us!


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