Tips on Maintaining Your She Shed

She sheds are the chicest little outpost buildings to hit the housing industry in 10 years. If you missed it, she sheds are backyard sheds just for the ladies — a place for yoga, to read or to host parties. But if you built your own she shed (or even better, had one installed — this is not an easy DIY project), we hope you’re enjoying your respite to its fullest. To maintain your space and make sure it continues to be a wonderful retreat for years to come, follow our tips on maintaining your she shed.

Photo credit: Country Living 

Photo credit: Country Living

You’ve made your shed a beautiful, homey place to spend time, so treat it like your home! First rule of thumb for maintaining a wood shed is the same as maintaining a wood house, you have to cut back vegetation and grass from the sides of the structure to prevent degradation. You should also have your shed resting on a “runner” or slight platform so the floor isn’t resting directly on the ground, making it more susceptible to moisture and insect damage. Also, pay attention to weight distribution in your shed; you want to make sure your furniture and other items are evenly distributed so you don’t have wear and tear on one side of the structure over time.

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Power-washing at least once a year is also a good idea. Spring is a great time to do it, you can freshen up before prime backyard and outdoor season—maybe after the pollen settles. If you don’t own a power-washer, contact your local painter or contractor who can likely help you out. Notice a roof leak when you’re power-washing the outside of the shed? Check it out and get it replaced immediately. Left unattended, a leak can rot the roof structure, leading to a much more expensive repair.

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If your shed needs a new paint job, give your contractor a call to come check it out (we’d love to help!). When selecting a new paint, opt for acrylic latex paint in a gloss or semi-gloss finish. If there are knotty, uneven parts of wood, your contractor will cover them with a wood putty and then paint over them for a smooth finish. 

If you use your shed for entertaining, an office or a retreat and it hasn’t gotten used since last summer, you’ll also want to spend some time spring cleaning. If you need to do a quick spiff up, follow these easy steps. For the start of spring deep cleaning, consider bringing a cleaning crew in. For a quick clean, start top to bottom and dust from the rafters down so any debris will be swept or vacuumed out in the final stage. Shake out any fabrics and open windows to let some fresh air in before giving the floor a good sweep.

Do you have a shed? If so, what do you use it for? Any tips on how you take care of it? Tell us!

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