Tips for Choosing Your Home’s Color Scheme

Photo credit: HGTV

Unlike choosing interior paint colors, the whole neighborhood sees (and will probably have commentary on) what you pick for your home’s exterior paint colors. Also, unlike inside, you’re dealing with a whole different set of design considerations — what color is my roof? What colors are in my landscaping or hardscaping? Do I want to change any of that? What should I do first? It can get confusing but never fear, we’ve pulled together our favorite tips for choosing your home’s color scheme.

Tips for Choosing Your Home’s Color Scheme

Photo credit: My Sweet Savannah

Tip #1: Don’t change the hard-to-change

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. If your roof is green, your roof will likely stay green. Instead of choosing your paint color first, then considering how it looks with  your roof color as the painters are painting, reverse that. What color is your roof? Brown, black, gray, red or green? Like in the chips above from My Sweet Savannah, consider that the first color in your palette, then work backwards with what matches. Unless you’re going whole hog, you’ll have more than enough work on your plate repainting a house and don’t need to add getting a new roof to that work list!

Tips for Choosing Your Home’s Color Scheme

Photo credit: Sherwin Williams

Tip #2: What style is your house?

Think about what time period your home was built or modeled after. Do you have a charming 1920s bungalow, a 1960s modern ranch or a stoic Victorian? Color should match that. Why? Let us put it this way — what do you think about an aqua teal Victorian home with orange siding? Just not right, right? Many paint manufacturers, like Sherwin Williams, now create historically accurate paint palettes to make your research process easier.

Tips for Choosing Your Home’s Color Scheme

Photo credit: Better Homes and Gardens

Tip #3 Think about your landscaping

Do you have any shrubbery, trees or flower bushes you know you’re keeping? If so, think about how those colors will look with your new home’s look. If you’ve been working on that rose bush for three springs now, you don’t have to part with it. Instead, complement it with a color that will really highlight it in full bloom (so if it’s bright pink, what about a neutral that it will really pop against?)

And, last but not least, just like we’ve said time and time again for inside your home, do not trust the color on the paint chips for your exterior paint either. Just like indoors, lighting can completely change colors. So pick up your trusty samples and paint some big strokes on the side of your house. Check them at various times of day (that way you won’t get a beige that you SWEAR is yellow).

Do you have favorite palettes for exteriors? Ever had a exterior painting experience go wrong? Tell us!


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