What’s the Difference Between Commercial and Residential Painters?

What's the difference between commercial and residential painters

If you’re not in the painting and remodeling business, you might not know what the difference between commercial and residential painters is. We all paint, right? While that’s true, of course, it’s the scale of work that differs between commercial and residential painters. Castle Painting does both commercial and residential painting, by the way! We love both sides of the painting spectrum 🙂

Getting back to the subject at hand… In a nutshell, commercial painters can handle big jobs. This means that they have to have more employees, a great scheduling system that accommodate large jobs that often are on a very tight deadline (like, a restaurant opening) and access to a large quantity of supplies and equipment. Also, while residential jobs typically don’t have more than one service provider working at any given time — unless you are in the midst of a bigger remodel — commercial gigs usually have several contractors working at once, meaning painters have to be flexible and knowledgable of the logistics of these bigger projects.

Plus, commercial painting contractors often don’t just paint — for example, Castle Painting provides remodeling work as well, such as woodwork, flooring, cabinetry, doors, countertops and much more — whereas a purely residential painter is only about the paint. Most commercial contractors will also work off hours to complete a project when regular daytime hours is not an option to get the job done in a timely manner for your business. That pretty much sums up the difference between commercial and residential painters.

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