Some of Our Favorite Atlanta Walls

Wall Art Collage

Trying to figure out what to do with that empty wall space? Something’s just MISSING, right? Here are some great wall ideas brought to you via some of Atlanta’s best interior designers’ projects. Find out what works best for you.

This rustic-looking wall from Milk and Honey Home is a collage of memories, family moments, favorite things, mirrors and rustic frames (some still waiting to be filled by future snapshots). It’s everything you want a wall art collage to be, which is why it makes our favorite Atlanta walls list. Plus,the paint color behind it is just the perfect shade of brown to complement the artwork and a strategically placed chair adds another artful touch to the scene. So simple. So effective.

Photo credit: Milk and Honey Home

Atlanta Interior Designer Atlanta Walls

Photo credit: Jennifer Reynolds Interiors

Seriously, wowza! There’s so much fabulousness going on here we’re not sure where to start… First, the sliding doors = not your average barnyard doors, that’s for sure! They themselves are wall art and great way to add a hint of intimacy to a space. The sliding doors are so unique and have a distinct Asian flair that lends itself to the interior design of the room with exotic animal prints and patterns. Another “wall” we love here is the ceiling—a big “heck yes!” to that aquamarine painted ceiling. Next up: The floor-to-ceiling built-ins painted in a contrasting gray-taupe hue that combine form and function, displaying items as well as tucking them neatly away.

Kids Room Atlanta Walls

Photo credit: Cristi Holcombe Interiors

Cristi Holcombe nailed this kid’s room wall! A fresh and funky green is oh so fun and the creative mixture of letters, no parking sign, nod to a Route 66 road trip and more in a coordinating yet mismatched palette ensures that this wall is cool for years to come. That’s one lucky kid.

Kandrac Kole Interiors - Atlanta Walls

Photo credit: Kandrac Kole Interiors

What’s utterly fantastic about the walls of this family room is the painted paneling. Look how it adds so much dimension to the space—the walls are a lighter hue, the paneling is darker and the trim is a bit darker than that. All of it is in a similar taupe-y family but varying the paint shades gives it a richness and complements the room well with more character than if it was all the same hue.

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