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We are slightly obsessed with a little blog called Design Indulgence, penned by fabulous interior designer Sherry Hart. (If you haven't already checked it out, it's a definite 'to do'!) We look forward to getting the latest updates on paint, fabrics, her personal home's design changes and more! Anyway, we're thrilled to have her as today's guest blogger. 

Since picking a color for the outside of a whole house can send many people into a meltdown, she decided to focus on exterior paint ideas and trends. "I mean, let's get real....painting a room the wrong color is a little different than a costly mistake like a bad color on the outside," says Sherry. We definitely understand that! And even debated about exterior paint colors for our own Castle Painting "home" remodel last year (see pic above!). Here is Sherry's great advice on exterior paint trends to inspire your own choices.

I think the trend is leaning towards less color selections, meaning this: The trim and the body is the same….with the addition of a shutter color and a fun bold color on the front door. I just recently went through this with my own house.

Here is what I found on Southern Living for my  inspiration:

Southern Living Exterior Paint Ideas

Even though I made the decision not to paint my trim dark, I was digging the white/dark gray theme. Here is the before image below. The body was taupe with white trim and a darker color [Sherwin-Williams Porpoise] on the shutters and garage. It had been this color for almost 20 years!

Sherry Hart House Before

I went back and forth and around the block with so many color choices. One thing I took into consideration: a tree with a large canopy covering almost the whole house and yard created a very shaded lot and I felt the house did not stand out.  I also reviewed other homes on the block and what color they were.


Sherry Hart House After

After looking and sampling many colors, I chose a warm white called  Benjamin Moore: China White. I painted everything that color, except the shutters, which are Benjamin Moore: Kendall Charcoal. The reason is that it was very close to the new gutter color. I also painted my fence the darker color of the shutters.


Sherry Hart Fence

I thought it would show less dirt and showcase the greenery better.


Here you can see the windows, trim and body all the same color.


I did leave the front door stained.


Things to think about when picking a color for your home:

1. Look at other homes on the street. If there are five gray homes, then branch out to something else so your house stands out!

2.  Are there a lot of trees and foliage surrounding? Then, choose a lighter color to showcase it better.

3.  Think about lessening the visual clutter and using only two to three exterior paint colors…especially if it is a small house.

4.  If you feel overwhelmed…hire a professional for some help. Also, look on Houzz or Pinterest for some ideas.

5.  Check with paint stores and ask them what their popular exterior paint colors are.

6.  Think about doing the house light and the trim dark, or a reverse with a dark house and light trim.

7.  If you decide on a neutral light color, don’t be afraid to use a fun color on the front door, like coral, duck-egg blue or a fresh spring green.

Exterior paint ideas - blue
Benjamin Moore: Palladian Blue

Benjamin Moore: Venezuelan Sea

Exterior paint ideas - green door
Farrow and Ball: Folly Green

Pratt and Lambert: Beeswax

Exterior paint ideas - red door
Benjamin Moore: Moroccan Red

I am extremely happy with my choices, and you also will be with a little thought and research.

About the author

Sherry Hart is a renowned Atlanta interior designer and pens the Design Indulgence blog. “Design has always been a passion so I was inspired to follow my dream and start my own business 20 years ago. I live in Atlanta which has some of the best design resources in the southeast. I am married and have 2 rescue Old English Sheepdogs. I love when I get a deal….I like to repurpose on my projects….and I obsess about textiles. You can view my portfolio here:”



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    Sherry Hart

    Thanks for the feature today!!!

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    I love reading Sherry’s blog. She is so talented and completely funny. It was great to see the comparisons of her house here, and understand the reasoning behind her choices. I like both colors before and after, but “after” wins for me, because you can really “see” the house. It looks so fresh and tidy and happy in these colors. I also love that the fence is painted darker. Cool!


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    Castle Painting

    Hi Sheree,
    Thanks for your inquiry. It’s hard to say exactly without seeing a photo of your home, but it sounds like a white would look clean and fresh with the red door and orange/red/white brick.
    Best regards,
    Castle Painting

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    Thanks for sharing the tips. I am using this to make others understand.

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