Refresh Front Door Paint Color

Front Door Paint Color

Give your home an instant facelift by refreshing your front door paint color. Whether you choose a hot hue that amplifies its personality or go neutral for a more traditional or contemporary look, a fresh coat of paint goes a long way. What’s more? It’s really easy to do—a professional is always recommended, of course, so you don’t mess up this very important feature—and a cost-effective way to make a big impact on your home’s style. The following are some of our favorite looks. (Get in touch if you’d like a free estimate for your project.)

To start, we love this great infographic from Build Direct that positions colors and moods…what kind of mood do you want your front door to evoke?
Front Door Paint Color

Pretty in Purple

Front Door Paint Color

Love the contrast of rich eggplant purple with the blue-gray house and white trim. It’s eclectic and fun.

Coral Cutie

Front Door Paint Color

Say “hello” to your fresh new front door paint color! This doorway just exudes happiness, doesn’t it? What gorgeous front door paint, and a great pairing with the super light blue exterior. Now that’s the way to make an entrance.

Neutral Niceties

Front Door Paint Color

It makes for a classic pair—white brick and trim and a light gray painted front door. We can see this working on a lot of Atlanta’s painted brick homes. Add stark white trim and a pair of enormous and a great door knocker, and voila! Totally rejuvenated and smart look.

Chartreuse Pop

front door paint color

This front door paint color is all play! It adds vibrancy and personality to gray exterior paint. It is perfect for both contemporary and artsy homes (and homeowners). Love, love, love.

You Got a Rose

Front Door Paint Color

Rose doors are 100-percent lovely. We love the look paired with black and white, as this homeowner has done above. While it’s a trendy paint color, it’s not going to go out of style anytime soon. Rose is here to stay!

Itching to redo your front door paint color? Give us a call today!

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