Questions to Ask a House Painter

Questions to ask your house painter

Not quite sure the questions to ask a house painter before you hire them? Not to worry! We’re happy to help you figure that out.

Painting your home is an investment in the look and feel of your spaces, and it’s good that you are thinking about the questions to ask before calling or hiring a painter because you don’t want to book just anyone. It’s also smart to request estimates from two or three painters before zeroing in on the one that is right for your home and budget. That said, avoid getting toooo many estimates since that can take up a lot of your time (estimates can take an hour or so), and also get confusing.

Here’s how to find a reliable painter for your home.

1. Ask for references and testimonialsIt’s always nice to read and hear that a service provider has done a great job in the past before you book them to work on your project.

2. Check out Angie’s ListWhat is their standing on Angie’s List? What does the trusted site say about them?

Quick, great customer service. Painters were friendly, professional, courteous and on time.” – Lisa, ATL homeowner

3. Ask your painter the following questions, which will tell you a LOT about them and if you want to work with them on your house painting project.

  • How many days do you expect my project will take?
  • Could you walk me through your company’s process from start (prep work) to finish?
  • Who will my direct contact / project manager be for this project?
  • What kind of prep work is included in the estimate?
  • Are you a licensed painting contractor?
  • Do you have insurance? Are your workers insured by you?
  • Is there a warranty on your service?
  • How detailed can I expect your estimate to be? Will it be written out with detailed line items?
  • Do you purchase the paint or do I?
  • What kind of paint do you use and why?
  • Do you clean up and pick up trash when the job is over?

“Very efficient from start to finish. Nothing needed at the end, not even a touch up.” – Dennis, Lithia Springs homeowner

4. Choose a quality painter. Of course, you have your budget in mind, but don’t necessarily select the cheapest guy to do the job. There could be very good reasons one painter is a bit more expensive than the next, and that could be the excellent service, quality of work, caliber of employees and attention to detail like prep work and clean up.

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