Painting and Remodeling Ideas for Kids’ Rooms

Painting and Remodeling Ideas for Kids' Rooms

You can’t wait to redo your kids’ rooms so that a) they don’t look a complete mess and b) your sweetie-pies will be soooo happy. Where to start? There are a few considerations when it comes to prioritizing painting and remodeling ideas for kids’ rooms.

The first: know what your kid absolutely loves
Does she go nuts for the color pink or is she a Tomboy who loves Earthy hues? Try to play to his or her tastes, not just your own to ensure a successful painting and remodeling project in his or her eyes. You obviously want a theme that will suit your child not only for this year, but for at least a few years down the road. So, while your son might dig a current action hero, don’t plaster it all over the walls; instead, you can buy an action hero chair, for example, or other decor items that can be swapped out as his interests grow and change so you’re not embarking on a new paint project each year.

The second: find the paint colors
Now that you have figured out what your daughter or son really love, you can work on picking out the exact paint colors for his or her room. For a soothing palette, go for a neutral tone accented with vibrant pops of color. You can also bring in the bold color on an accent wall. Keep in mind that darker colors (you son might want a navy blue, for example!) can make a room look smaller. For petite spaces, try to use a lighter shade in the color family that you/he loves and then the darker shade can be utilized for furniture or other accents.

The third: create original organization
If you want your kiddos to help pitch in on keeping their rooms neat, make sure to keep newly built-in bookcases, cubbyholes, coat hooks and closet shelving at their height. They likely have a lot of stuff — from sports equipment to arts and crafts items to dolls and stuffed animals — so thinking through a plan for organization with your remodeling contractor is key. Also, give them some room to put their collections and keepsakes on display, such as a countertop and cork board or a magnetic board with magnets to hang things from.

The fourth: light it up right
When remodeling your kids’ rooms, make sure to provide many different kinds of lighting options. Definitely a bright, overhead light is necessary, but also a reading light by their bed, a nightlight for bathroom visits and anything else you think would come in handy for the space.

Painting and Remodeling Ideas for Kids' Rooms

Finally: add more fun
Remember back when you were a young ‘un? We know, that was a loooong time ago. (Just kidding.) Loving your room was all about the cool little features, like glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling. Bring your child in on the decorating aspect of the renovation by providing a few out-of-the-box options for him or her to choose from, such as removable “wall tattoos” that come in various different patterns. Enjoy the process on this one, and let your creativity flow — this is a great space to channel it into!

Have your own input on painting and remodeling ideas for kids’ rooms for other parents? Please share it with us and them!

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