Painted Brick Home Makeovers

Photo credit: Better Homes & Gardens

We all love a good before and after story—a great drab to fab journey gives us hope for the hopeless and style for the style-challenged. And we’re talking about your house! If you’re currently in a traditional, suburban, urban, modern or cottage home that needs some help, have you thought about embarking on your own painted brick home makeover?

We’ve sourced our favorites across the interwebs and different home styles and have tips on what makes these updates so great. And do you know what famous American lady lived in a painted brick beauty? Read on to find out!

Painted Brick Home Makeovers

Photo credit: Bella Tucker

Check out this house blogger Bella Tucker and her hubby updated—it looks like a different place entirely, right? These two took an outdated ranch house and cheered it up with white paint and a grass green front door. They didn’t skimp out and also painted the brick wall to match (a great idea!) and updated the landscaping.

Painted Brick Home Makeovers

Photo credit: Houzz

Everyone can pull the painted brick trick off! Take a run-of-the-mill brick home in the suburbs into a wowza, on-trend beauty. We especially like this homeowners choice of a brown roofline and accents above the windows.

Painted Brick Home Makeovers

Photo credit: Nest Egg

How cute is this cottage? And adorable home that could find a place on any Virginia-Highlands or Morningside street, it severally needed a makeover. By lightening up the brick, the house pops from the curbside instead of hiding in the foliage. Also love the choice to paint the windows and leave the shutters off, this charmer doesn’t need them.

Painted Brick Home Makeovers

Photo credit: House and Home

We’ll say it again. This trick is for everybody! Behold a great paint job and exterior update for a chic, modern home. Before the house could have been easily overlooked but with a fresh coat of black paint, new windows and doors, a new driveway and refreshed landscaping, this home is a can’t-miss. We love that this before and after still stays true to the house, it just highlights the beauty the home had in the first place.

Painted Brick Home Makeovers

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

And what famous American lady lived in a painted brick beauty? The one, the only Jackie Kennedy! Jackie and JFK Jr. lived in this adorable Georgetown home before his run for the white house. We love the classic grey against the crisp white mouldings and black door. Wouldn’t mind moving in, would you?

What’s your favorite before and after painted brick renovation? Think this would work for your house or notsomuch? Tell us!

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