Should You Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets?

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Are you working on a plan for upgrading your kitchen? If so, then kitchen cabinets are one of your top priorities. Cabinets can make or break your kitchen! The great thing is that you don’t need a full kitchen remodel to update one of your most lived-in spaces to give it the style of your dreams. The first area to upgrade in that room that can make a world of difference is your kitchen cabinets (followed by your countertops and flooring). Before you rip your cabinets out because you can’t stand looking at them anymore and undergo a top-to-bottom makeover, though, first consider a refresh.

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Refreshing the look of existing cabinets can involve simply painting or re-staining the wood. This is not only gentler on your budget, it is gentler on the environment. And here at Castle Painting, we are ALL about keeping the environment in mind and reusing materials whenever possible. Why waste when you can reuse, right?

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If your cabinets are looking dirty, have chipped paint or are just an outdated shade that you are o-v-e-r over, then start thinking about the paint color you want them to be. A fresh coat of paint will make an absolute world of difference! Keep in mind that light colors always make your kitchen (or any space) look bigger, so if you have a smaller kitchen, this might be the way to go. If you’re lucky to have a large chef’s kitchen and are in love with a dark hue, then go for it. When in doubt, consult your painting professional and they can review options with you. They should understand that this is a very important decision and not rush you through it.
Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Before we (because we hope to be your painter of choice, of course!) embark on your painting project, we’ll first need to meticulously clean your kitchen cabinets. This involves taking them off their hinges and laying them flat to be sanded and painted. Another upgrade that would be smart to consider at this time (the cabinets are already off, after all!) is the hardware. It’s another relatively inexpensive change that will breathe new life into your cabinets. 

Read about more ways to update your kitchen cabinets in our blog on 5 Ways to Update Kitchen Cabinets or contact Castle Painting today for your complimentary estimate!

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