How to Paint with a Bright Color

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Hear ye, hear ye beiges, greiges, cremes and coffees — you have your place in our hearts (and homes!) but sometimes the best thing for a room is a big, bold, saturated shot of color! But how do you make sure you’re making a smart choice when it comes to picking and using a big color? How much is too much? How little is too little? These easy tips will show how to paint with a bright color and make sure it’s one you’re sure to love from the first day you paint until the day you move out.

How to Paint with a Bright Color


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Finding it

When you’re at the home improvement or paint store, the biggest tip we can give you is that if you’re color-shy, pick up paint chips with abandon. Try to bring someone along whose taste you respect, but is going to push you out of your comfort zone a little bit. Then, when you get to the wall of color, just go for it. When the time comes to narrow down your options, divide the chips into a yes and a no pile. Trash the no’s immediately and don’t look back. When you’re looking at your yes pile, consider the lighting of the room and how that will play with the base of your bold color (example: if your room is dark, you’ll want something with a light base). And in case you missed it, we have more tips for picking a color here.

Using it

If you’re a little wary of a bright color, walk before you run. Here are a few great places to get started with a bright brush.

How to Paint with a Bright Color


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Front doors

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we love a bright front door! This is a great first place to start if you’re unsure about color inside your home. It’s not a huge commitment and it ups your curb appeal. Still a little gun shy? Try this pro tip — narrow your color choices down to two and buy a sample of each. Get two poster boards and paint at least three coats on each board (this way you’ll get a true hue in a saturated color). Affix the poster boards to your front door using painter’s tape, then head to the curb and see what you think!

How to Paint with a Bright Color


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Accent walls

Like the front door, an accent wall isn’t a big commitment but makes a huge difference for the decor of a room. Think about a bright accent wall in an entry hall, living room or bedroom. Use the poster board trick here as well to help narrow down your options. The key to a bold accent wall is clean lines from the neutral color to the pop of color so make sure to talk to your pro painter about using good tape when taping off the wall.

How to Paint with a Bright Color


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Have a small powder room or guest bathroom that you’re not quite sure what to do with? Color is the perfect solution for this small space! Try a cheerful coral or a bold blue and accent with metallics. It gives this often-forgotten room character and is instantly welcoming to guests.

Have you used a bright color in your home decor? Any lessons you’ve learned from painting with one? Tell us!

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