New Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint

Looking for ways to wake up your walls? Chalkboard paint was EVERYWHERE a couple years ago but the Internet quickly stalled out on fresh, new ways to use it. There has been a resurgence of new ideas and how to use this kid-friendly, decor-forward surface. With so many new ways to use chalkboard paint, we rounded up our favorites for you here.

Who says you have to paint your wall black and call it a day? We love this organized, yet chic, wall calendar from This Old House. Simply ask your painters to paint a chalkboard wall, then, using tint-able chalkboard paint (Benjamin Moore has a great one), create three new grays. Tape off the area and paint your squares. After that, you’re ready to organize your calendar! Added points for using a layer of magnetic paint, like they did here, to make your surface magnetized for reminders and photos.

Photo credit: This Old House

New Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint

Photo credit: Yatzer

Take a note from this room — rules are made to be broken. We think this chalkboard ceiling is a clever, whimsical idea for a child’s bedroom, family living room or perhaps even, a bathroom. True, you won’t be writing on it as much as you would be if the paint were on a wall, however, think of this more as a customizable wallpaper that you can change whenever the mood strikes.

New Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint

Photo credit: Dezeen

We love this green chalkboard paint! It’s unexpected, fun and somehow, more friendly than a black wall. Put a chalkboard wall by the front door — your kids can doodle on it while they wait to go out and you can put your grocery lists right there.

New Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint

Photo credit: Martha Stewart

Leave it to Martha to add a touch of elegance and make this trend her own! We love this use (and color!) inside a pantry door. Like the green example above, the bottom half is still suited to little scribbles and wish lists, while the top half is at arm’s reach for your grocery list or other reminders. Another reason this pantry works? That fabulous pop of coral inside the cabinets is unexpected and fun. So cute!

New Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint

Photo credit: Rooms for Rent

Gray is the color of the moment in kitchens, especially when paired with crisp white cabinets. What better way to accent the power duo than with a chalkboard wall? In a kitchen, chalkboard walls are a great place to doodle favorite recipes, dinner options and of course, your own scribbles, quotes and reminders.

Would you use chalkboard paint in your home? If so, where and what color? Do you like the tinted options better than black? Or do you think classic blackboard is the way to go? Tell us!

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