New Kitchen and Bath Products for 2014

New Kitchen & Bath Products for 2014


We get little-girl giddy about the subject of new kitchen and bath products for 2014 🙂 Especially when it comes to the new products featured at KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) because we know they are going to be the best of the best cutting-edge kitchen and bath items. Ah, form and function at their best — the two things we always strive to provide when remodeling a kitchen or bathroom. The following are our five top picks for new kitchen and bath products for 2014 as well as what the K+BB (official sponsor of KBIS) experts say about it. What’s your favorite?

1. Cabinet cuties. Personally, we are storage addicts because we love to cook and have every single serving bowl and kitchen gadget under the sun! This is why we love Barcelona & Valencia cabinetry collections from Elkay Design-Craft (above), which give you tons of room to store all of your kitchen items. Oh, and they happen to be pretty darn attractive, too, with an old-world feel but modern aesthetic.

Here’s what the experts at K+BB have to say about them: These cabinetry collections “offer a roomy interior, perfect for storing kitchen accoutrements. The cabinets are designed to handle oversized items such as large dinner plates and serving bowls that will not fit into a 12-in.-deep traditional framed cabinet. The cabinet drawers incorporate up to 60 percent more space as well to handle graters, ladles and other odd-sized utensils. The Barcelona features clean, simple lines, while the Valencia has a solid-wood raised center panel and bridges the gap between transitional and traditional design.”

New Kitchen and Bath Products for 2014

2. In the hood! A range hood can tend to be obtrusive feature in some kitchens. Concerned that it’s not going to blend in with your modern kitchen design? Look no further than BEST’s Italian-inspired Eclisse (Italian for eclipse) from the Sorpresa range hood collection. This sleek and subtle range hood is contemporary at its…wait for it…BEST!

Here’s what the experts at K+BB have to say about it: It “is designed to change appearance depending on which angle it’s viewed from in the kitchen. Sleek and stylish, the hood is crafted from brushed stainless steel and polished black glass, making a design statement in any space. The unit features a four-speed, electronic pushbutton control with LED indicator and two-level, 25-watt Halogen bulbs for bright illumination. The Eclisse’s delay off feature also allows users to continue ventilation for 10 minutes.”

New Kitchen and Bath Products for 2014

3. On the surface. If traditional beauty is your thing, then you’ll go just as gaga as we did for this La Belle tile collection from Original Style. Get this — those pretty tiles are handcrafted, which is what gives it that extra-special luxe and unique feeling that we love so much. The tiles come in many different colors and in both satin and gloss finishes.

Read what the experts at K+BB have to say about it: “Ideal for a traditional kitchen or bath, the La Belle collection from Original Style celebrates objects found in nature along with inspiring outdoor scenes. The hand-crafted decorative wall tiles touch upon a range of motifs, including fruits and vegetables, herbs, sea shells, flowers, sea creatures, autumn leaves and seaside vistas.”

New Kitchen and Bath Products for 2014

4. Can you handle it? Talk about uber-modern, Top Knobs’ new Quilted cabinet hardware looks like its something out of the Matrix with its geometric pattern that  makes it appear fluid. We call this style “funky fresh”!

What do the K+BB experts say? “Add a tactile touch to your cabinetry with Top Knobs’ new Quilted series, part of the Mercer Collection. The hardware offers a depth and textural dimension that can feel traditional or contemporary depending on the context. The series is available with one knob and three pull sizes, as well as five finishes, including brushed satin nickel, polished chrome, polished nickel, sable and umbrio.”

New Kitchen and Bath Products for 2014

5. Tub boat. Just picture it: you, after a long day of work, sprawled out in this large bubbly-filled bathtub with a glass of red wine and a magazine. Divine! Must. Have. This. Tub. Now. Plus, it works for various home styles — from traditional (hello, a footed tub) to contemporary (footed tub, yes, but chrome accents and modern sloping).

And here’s a description from the experts at K+BB: “Combining traditional elements with a modern touch, the AgorĂ  collection from Zucchetti.Kos offers a fresh feel for the bath. The line includes faucets, a tub and sinks. Designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, the line is described as ‘a rediscovered project.’ The designers found archived old drawings and reworked them, keeping their original form, while integrating today’s technologies for functionality. The tub and basins have a sculpted look that is blended with contemporary materials to impart a timeless appeal.”

Check out even more new kitchen and bath products for 2014 and news in KBIS’ digital pressroom.

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