Luxury Atlanta Home Project with Palmer Design Group

Luxury Atlanta Home Project

Castle Painting was brought in by luxury interior design firm Palmer Design Group to complete the interior painting on this luxury Atlanta home project. The results of the interior design makeover (still in-progress through the fall!) of the 18-room English Tudor home was 100-percent stunning and the homeowners (including an Atlanta celebrity who shall remain unnamed! 🙂 are absolutely thrilled with the progress so far.

The following are details provided by the fabulous Palmer Design Group, and above, you’ll find a photo of us faux-painting the ceiling above the homeowners’ large chandelier — one of many fun features Castle Painting helped with on this luxury Atlanta home project. You won’t find additional interior design project pics or painting (except for the ceiling) here just yet since Palmer Design Group hasn’t quite put the finishing touches on the luxury Atlanta home; however, we provided product photos to showcase some of the amazing pieces they selected for this family and for your own interior design inspirations!

Q. What was the homeowner’s hope for the outcome of this project/what were they looking for?
A: A lighter, more refreshing palette with bold colors and textures. Low-maintenance luxury with a primary focus on functionality. With a family of six, practicality was high on their design radar, but they also have an affinity for nice things!

Q: What did your home makeover project entail?

  • Respecting the existing architecture with no structural alterations or changes
  • Working with Castle Painting to lighten the overall palette of the home to a creamy, calming white
  • Utilizing soft and rich velvet and linen textures wherever applicable to soften the mood of the Tudor interior; giving it a comfortable, luxe viability.
  • Applying pops of color and pattern to divulge and introduce the vibrant, colorful personalities of the family of six
  • Incorporating the family’s varying activities into one cohesive space plan
  • Applying high-end international art to the interior design, giving this millennial household a necessary appreciation for international flair and awareness of other cultures

Q: What are some key updates made to this home?


  • Bamileke Juju Hats in bright colors:

Luxury Atlanta Home

  • Handwoven silk rugs:

luxury atlanta home

  • Baby Grand Piano:

Luxury Atlanta Home

  • The Classic Egg Chair with Orange Mohair Velvet:

Luxury Atlanta Home

  • Flocked Velvet Wallpaper:

Palmer Design LLC

  • Upholstered Walls:


Palmer Design LLC

Q: What are you most happy with?
A: We are most happy about the numerous custom designs we created to cater to this unique brood, and their reactions are priceless as things come in and rooms (18 total) are completed!

Castle Painting

Q: Why did you decide to bring in Castle Painting to assist with the painting projects?
A: We think the C in Castle stands for CLUTCH! We selected Castle because this is one of the most consistent, reliable and professional businesses within the trade. As most of our clients are high-end, with homes averaging in square footage from 10,000-25,000, the design process itself is so challenging and you need painting specialists that truly understand the business and don’t need to be micro-managed. In a time-equals-money business, such as interior design, teams like Castle Painting are priceless!

THANK YOU, Palmer Design Group, for allowing us to be a part of this fabulous luxury Atlanta home project! Readers, stay tuned for “after” photos once the project is totally complete!

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