Last Minute 2016 Thanksgiving Trends to Try

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All too often, Thanksgiving decor is pitted against decorating rival Christmas and not appreciated in its own right. Between the fantastic seasonal produce, gorgeous colors (that happen to be even more on trend this year), great foods and friends, you can make your Thanksgiving as elaborate or as simple as you like, and it’ll still be lovely. It may be Thanksgiving eve but there are still last-minute 2016 Thanksgiving trends to try for your family table.We pulled together our favorites (and most achievable) here.

Set the Bar Up Outside

Last Minute 2016 Thanksgiving Trends to Try

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Relieve stress and congestion in the kitchen and set up your Thanksgiving bar outside! This is such an easy tip, especially in Atlanta, where Thanksgiving temperatures are expected to be in the 60s. Make use of that entertaining space you spruced up this summer and simply add cozy throws and light the fire pit. Avoid getting trapped behind the bar all day making single serve cocktails and opt for a one-batch cocktail like a fall sangria or punch. Get your guests their first drink, then they’re on their own!

Neutrals Never Miss

Last Minute 2016 Thanksgiving Trends to Try

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Take cues from 2016’s biggest paint palette trends and colors of the year…neutrals. Thanksgiving decor and food is naturally so rich in oranges and reds, keep the rest of your decor classically neutral. This is the perfect occasion for a crisp white linen tablecloth, votives and sheepskin pillows and throws. If your home’s decor is already textures of white, cream and beige, embrace it for an elegant Thanksgiving!

Try an Apple Rose

Last Minute 2016 Thanksgiving Trends to Try

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Pinterest has turned fall decorating into a competitive sport. Avoid the fray but embrace one of this year’s trends, the decorative apple rose. When combined with puff pastry, they make a gorgeous decorative appetizer or, if you’re making a traditional apple pie, they take the look to the next level. Find a full how-to here. Grab some apples at the market today and give it a whirl.

Cut Your Candles in Half

Last Minute 2016 Thanksgiving Trends to Try

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Have you ever been at a Thanksgiving table when you can’t see the person across from you? It’s awkward. While we don’t advocate limiting your tablescape or candles, try this expert tip — if you’re using large pillar candles, try cutting them in half. You’ll still get the ambiance but will skip the darting around mid-conversation.

Creative DIY Place Cards

Last Minute 2016 Thanksgiving Trends to Try

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A gorgeous place card doesn’t have to be complicated. For 2016, the more organic these look, the better. Go on a walk in the neighborhood today and pick up some leaves. These look so elegant when dipped in gold with the names of your guests written on top in paint pen. If you don’t trust your painting skills, try making these adorable rosemary wreaths. The point is for them to look undone and a little wild, so they don’t have to be perfect. They’ll also make your dining room smell amazing. Affix names to the wreath and set at each place.

Do you have any trends you’re trying this holiday season? Would you try these? Tell us!

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