How to Optimize Your Home Heating and Air Performance

How to optimize your home heating and air

It’s cold out there and your attention might be turning to your HVAC system. How’s it working? Are you in the market for a newbie? Whether it’s time to purchase a new HVAC system, add a feature with a room addition or upgrade technology, our strategic partners at Reliable Heating and Air have some great ideas on how to optimize your home heating and air performance.

1. Home Automation
Home Automation is quickly becoming an affordable and easy-to-use program what with the rise of cool new systems, such as  the Nexia Home Automation system. Available from Reliable Heating and Air, Nexia lets you completely control all of the heating and cooling systems, in addition to lights and other appliances, in your home by using the Internet from one of your devices (iPad, computer or smartphone), and allows you to change temperatures, monitor costs, check for proper operation along with a ton of other features. All we can say is “wow” — now that’s how to optimize your home heating and air!

How to optimize your home heating and air

2. Heat Pump Air Conditioners
Heat Pump Air Conditioners  run in reverse to pull heat from outside and pump it inside. It’s just about the same thing as an outside air-conditioner unitbut it has the ability to reverse its flow of refrigerant to allow it to heat and cool. These heat pumps can be installed with an electric furnace or combined with a gas furnace to heat your home to more moderate temperatures and automatically switch over to gas during temperatures below freezing. Read: It’s more economical during the winter. It’s also a great idea for a basement or a room addition if you are remodeling part of your home.

3. Zoning Systems
Are certain rooms in your home hot while others are cool, and you can’t seem to get everything the same temperature that you want? You might consider taking a look at the zoning systems as you may have to properly zone your HVAC system. Basically, zoning systems are installed to allow multiple thermostats and heating and cooling zones to be connected to one heating and cooling system. It works by using motorized dampers or “doors” in the ductwork that open and close to provide heated and cooled air to each individual area in the zone because different floors and areas have different heating and cooling needs. Now you’ll save some bucks on your energy bills since you won’t be cranking the heat or A/C to make up for temperature variations around your home.

Do you have any remodeling questions or additional q’s about how to optimize your home heating and air that we can answer for you? Please feel free to contact us anytime!


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