Happy New Year and How to Keep Your Home Safe

Happy New Year

Happy (almost) New Year! We hope you all have enjoyed your holidays this December. It seems like 2013 just flew by, doesn’t it? Whew! Where did it go? Well, it’s been such a great year filled with positive changes for the Castle Painting family that we can’t complain. We also can’t wait to see what 2014 will bring. In the meantime, while you are burning fires (it’s finally chilly up in the ATL!) in your fireplaces at home or packing up to get out of town for the weekend or New Year’s Eve, have the following tips in your back pocket on how to keep your home safe this season.

On Tree Thoughts
Oh, Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree! We’ve had so much fun picking you out and dressing your branches with our favorite ornaments and mementos. But now you are almost done for the season. The first tip for homeowners with Christmas trees is to absolutely make sure to turn your lights off when you leave your home, whether it’s for an evening out on the town or a weekend away. Plus, if you purchased your tree way back in November, it might be dropping needles like crazy — and because dried-out trees are a fire danger, you should probably remove it before you head out. And by remove it, we mean don’t leave it in your house, garage or leaning against your home. Here is a full rundown on safety tips from the National Fire Protection Association.

Fireplace Foes
We love a good fire in the hearth (and we love building fireplaces, too — check out some of our fireplace projects!). Before you spark up the logs tonight or tomorrow, know that 42 percent of home fires are started because of fireplaces and chimneys. Choose dense wood, such as oak, that has been split and stored in a high and dry place for at least six months to avoid a buildup of a flammable byproduct of combustion in the chimney. Don’t overload your fireplace with wood — keep it small and add a log when the fire dies down. Plus, make sure you have a mesh metal guard or glass screen in front of your fireplace to prevent random embers from entering your living room. Also, put a professional chimney sweeping on your home-improvement list for 2014 — you should have it done once a year to remove soot and debris.

Out of Towners
Thieves are on the prowl around the holidays. They know you’re going to be on vacation or out on New Year’s Eve. They know you just received some nice presents of potentially expensive electronics or jewelry. A no-brainer: Always lock up…the front door, back door, windows, garage…everything. Next, don’t display boxes of gifts in the windows where it’s all too tempting and easy to “smash and grab.” When you’re away from home for a while, make sure to put lights on timers outside, have a neighbor designated to pick up the mail and leave a couple lights on in the house to make it look like someone’s home.

Talk to you in 2014.

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