Selecting and Installing Granite Countertops for a Kitchen Remodel

Selecting granite countertops for a kitchen remodel
According to our partners at Stonecrafters USA, most people who are interested in replacing old countertops with granite countertops during their kitchen remodel have never been through this process before. To help make this process more turnkey for you, their experts put together the following list for what you can expect as you look forward to your new kitchen!

  • Prior to visiting a showroom and slab yard, create a hand sketch of your existing kitchen countertops. (You can go to their estimate page and print off an estimate form — it helps!)
  • Bring with you a drawer from your cabinets and a piece of your flooring if you have any extra.
  • During your meeting, you’ll discuss things like your color preferences and walk through a large inventory of colors. You can then choose your stone, select the edge type you prefer, the sink style and type and more. (Stonecrafters will send you off with a quote before you leave…how convenient!)
  • When you are ready to book, they’ll schedule a date to remove your old countertops so that they can template the cabinets for the new slab granite countertops. The removal and template will take 3 to 5 hours, depending on the size of your kitchen. In the case of new cabinets, the template will take approximately 1 hour.
  • From the day they template to the day your new slab granite countertops are installed is no more than 7 business days…hurray for that!
  • Once the parts are cut and finished, they are carefully loaded onto a van and transported to your home for installation.
  • On installation day, you should prep your kitchen by removing all items from your cabinets. The granite countertops installation will need clear access from outside your home to your kitchen. The work may take between 3 to 10 hours, depending on the size and complexity of your kitchen.

Also, one of the reasons we love working with Stonecrafters for our customers’ kitchen remodels is that their work includes a high-end process of finishing the job by polishing any countertop seams, producing a seam that is almost impossible to feel. (They also guarantee their granite slab installations for 10 years!)

This should give you a better idea about selecting and installing granite countertops for a kitchen remodel. If you have any further questions at all about granite countertops or want to set up an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact Stonecrafters, or Castle Painting about your kitchen remodel and kitchen cabinets.

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