Gender Neutral Nurseries

Photo credit: Pottery Barn Kids

If you’ve ever brought a present to a baby shower for an unannounced name, you know how difficult it can be to find things in “baby” that are not blue or pink — or worse, yellow. However, gender neutral nurseries seem to finally be hitting their stride in the design world and with more than a few stylish trends, you can finally make this room outlast baby. Whether you’re expecting a new member of the family or searching for the perfect gift for one, take a queue from today’s trends to design the perfect place to welcome baby home.

Pottery Barn Kids announced a beautiful collaboration with designers Emily & Merritt this year. We love the black walls of this nursery—it’s contrary to what you typically think of for a baby’s room but a stylish alternative to a clean white nursery. The gold accents brighten everything up and of course, the classic contrast of black and white is hard to beat.

Gender Neutral Nurseries

Photo credit: Apartment Therapy

This nursery from Apartment Therapy is a modern take on a circus. You see the big top, you see the bear and you feel the whimsy — but without the cheesy red, yellow and black undertones. We love the light yellow and white stripes and that tent? Simply adorable.

Gender Neutral Nurseries

Photo credit: Atelier Edele

Plus up white walls with bright polka dots! This bright, happy nursery works well because while still stylish, it’s left a little undone and messy. We love that the dots aren’t perfectly spaced and seem a little haphazard. It keeps it playful and fun! Also, if you’ve just had a baby, you’ll quickly appreciate the joys of imperfection.

Allison K

Photo credit: Project Nursery

Clean, stylish and serene. If the last nursery was jovial and playful, this nursery is orderly and peaceful. We adore the geometric print wallpaper, the white light fixtures and the sweet bunny print. This is an easy look to pull off and even better, a calm, beautiful place for both you and baby to spend time.

Gender Neutral Nurseries

Photo credit: Elements of Style

We wish our adult room could look this stylish! We love the warm beige walls and contrasting black wall with folksy stenciled trees. The cozy flamestitch rug and woodland creatures make this room feel cozy but still chic. Top it all off with the sophisticated and well-proportioned drum shade, and you have a designer nursery!

Have you decorated a nursery? Will you be decorating one soon? We hope so! What do you think about the trend of gender-neutral nurseries? Tell us!

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