Fall Front Door Before and Afters

Photo credit: The Kim Ix Fix

Your front door is your home’s first impression, and whether you invite them in or not, it’s a part of your home all of your neighbors are invited to see. Bad front doors can be a plague to an otherwise beautiful home but they don’t have to be! Before guests start flocking to your doorstep for the holidays, update your front door with some fresh paint, new hardware and maybe a festive wreath. Be inspired by our favorite fall front door before and afters here.

Fall Front Door Before and Afters

Photo credit: The Inspired Room

This blogger already had a gorgeous Masonite door with good hardware (lucky girl!) but saw the potential for something really stylish. By simply updating the color to a beautiful soft robin’s egg blue and picking up a new colorful, woven doormat, this home looks 30 years younger.

Fall Front Door Before and Afters

Photo credit: Fits Small Business

Wow! What a face lift, right? By updating paint, removing some terrible decorative window film, changing out the hardware and updating the accessories, this home went from ’70s misfit to California chic. We love the cobalt blue here, especially when contrasted with the red accent table, layered rugs and door mat. We spend so much time thinking through and designing our interior color palette — why should our exterior be any different?

Fall Front Door Before and Afters

Photo credit: Your Home Only Better

Sometimes good style doesn’t have to be complicated. This before and after used black paint for the front door (classic and won’t go out of style) and at the same time, did a one-two punch but also removing the outdated screen door, updated the lighting, kick plate, door number and knocker. Finish it off with some colorful pots of flowers and you’ve got a new home!

Fall Front Door Before and Afters

Photo credit: Add Some Character

Let’s pop it up a notch this fall, shall we? Blogger Add Some Character clearly understands that sentiment and shows us how it’s done with their front door before and after. By pulling back the curtains of an outdated screen door and bumping up their front door color to a modern, cheerful coral-red, they created a welcoming entry for guests. The grey molding around the door is also a smart way to frame the bright color and transition it to the bright white home. Again, while they were at it, these homeowners switched out the lighting, updated the hardware and planted some cheerful fall mums. What a makeover!

Have you ever painted your front door or done some light door upgrades? Been thinking about it and not sure what to do? Do you have favorite front doors in your neighborhood (we do!)? Tell us!

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