Fabulous Fences and How to Care for Them

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For decades, having a fence around your home meant one thing…white pickets. And while we still love that classic look, homeowners have so many choices now when picking out the border around their home. But how do you make the best choices possible when you’re putting it up and after it’s up, what do you need to do to take care of and maintain it? Naturally, we have some thoughts. Please read on for our fabulous fences and how to care for them.

Fabulous Fences and How to Care for Them

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If you’re thinking about a wood fence, the trend seems to be going towards long, horizontal wooden boards, similar to the photo above. This gives the eye a nice line to follow and will also provide great privacy for a back yard. Paint it brown or black (yes, really!) to stay on trend.

Fabulous Fences and How to Care for Them

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If you have a classic tall wood fence and you’re looking for ways to spice it up, have you considered incorporating plants? We love the fence with the succulent planters above. Incorporate more green into your backyard with these heat-loving plants and you’ll achieve a stunning, high end look.

Before you start construction on a new fence, you’ll need to do a couple things to keep relations with your neighbors at their best. This may seem obvious but check your property lines before putting anything in the ground. Also check local zoning laws — it’s not unusual for communities for have rules on height, setback or placement of your fence. This is also something your contractor can help with.

Fabulous Fences and How to Care for Them

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If you like the wood looks above, you’ll likely be putting cedar or redwood posts in because they’re more resistant to moisture and rot. Because your posts are going into the ground, you’ll likely want to consider pressure-treated wood posts, which are treated to be less susceptible to insects and moisture.

For both practical and aesthetic reasons, you should seal your fence with a wood sealant or exterior stains. Exterior stains come in a variety of colors, even the black we mentioned above, and help further protect your wood from the elements. Major home improvement stores carry these and if you’re trying to decide on one, head to the paint section to browse options.

Your wood fence should last 10 to 15 years but be aware, the first year your fence goes up, it may change a little by warping or splitting as the wood dries. But don’t worry, this is totally normal. If your wood starts to look tired after several years, refresh your fence with a good power wash and restain.

Do you have a fence that needs updating or replacing? Thinking about putting one up to give you and your family more privacy? What style do you like? Tell us!

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