Everyone Loves an Accent (Wall)


It’s true, it’s true! We love big, bold accent walls. They’re a great way to add a punch of design to a neutral room or give your home a designer, high end feel. Here, some of our favorite trends you’ll want to be sure to copy.

Above, a simple black and white checked wall highlights a gold and black lacquer mirror to give this room a glamorous feel. We also love how this royal blue sideboard matches the rest of the room (you can see in the mirror!), thus pulling the whole room together.

Photo credit: Rainona Tin Roof

Everyone Loves an Accent (Wall)

Photo Credit: Ann Kelle via Decorating Your Small Space

How cheerful is this striped wall in an all white bedroom? Embrace your fun side with these on-trend and young colors. We think this would be great in a nursery, small powder room or even, a not-so-stuffy office.

Everyone Loves an Accent (Wall)

Photo credit: Mr. Kate

It’s almost Spring (we’ve mentioned a few times how excited we are for this…) so we can’t forget exterior accent walls. This space is so beautifully designed, it looks like it could be an indoor living room instead of the stunning outdoor one it is. This works because the sketched bird cages camouflage an unsightly concrete privacy wall. The cages also support the overall  French country mismatched (but completely intentional) decor.

Everyone Loves an Accent (Wall)


Photo credit: Style at Home

Bright, easy and SO effective! This poppy accent wall on a back patio brings in a needed burst of color and is outfitted with a ladder for climbing vines. The color choice is key here because it complements, not clashes, with the brick walls behind and the dark patio furniture. Another added bonus—this is a great trend to use for small spaces!

Everyone Loves an Accent (Wall)

Photo credit: Contemporist

Ok, this isn’t really an accent wall per se. But how great do they look with this contemporary home and backyard? With the gray and slate, the yellow is a lot of fun, unexpected and a happy pop of color. If you love this and want to try it, don’t skimp on your landscaping. The trees, shrubs and bright green grass are partly why this yellow works so well. Without that foliage, it could be too much exposed color!

What do you think about adding an accent? Would you try it indoors or outdoors? And which decor trend do you like the best? Tell us!

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