Emprendedores Latinos USA Honors Miguel Castillo

Last week, at the 2nd Annual Emprendedores Latinos Forum, hosted by Emprendedores Latinos USA, Castle Painting Founder Miguel Castillo was one of four recipients being recognized as a pioneer in the Latin community who inspires Latinos to start their own businesses. Emprededores Latinos USA is a non-profit organization that hopes to inspire, educate and integrate the Latino entrepreneur throughout the United States. The Atlanta event, which took place at The Defoor Center aims to impassion members of the city’s vast Latino community to start their own businesses. Emprendedores Latinos USA believes that this event promotes new business opportunities and consequently, the creation of more jobs, building a thriving local economy.

The event was not only inspiring — it was a blast! During the forum, businesses that are trailblazers for Latino business creation were recognized and at the same time, small business owners were awarded for their innovation, creativity, endurance and service to the community. Miguel took home an award for Most Successful Latin Entrepreneur in Atlanta. Wow, we (and he) are blown away by this great honor!

A big thank you to the team at Emprendedores Latinos USA, and also to all of our wonderful customers who have supported Castle Painting and Miguel for so many years.

The following are a few photos from the event.   Emprendedores Latinos USAEmprendedores Latinos USA Emprendendores Latinos USA Miguel Castillo Emprendendores Latinos USA We like to hang out with and support our Atlanta community, which is why you’ll see us out and about around town. Find out about cool upcoming events in Atlanta on Castle Painting’s Upcoming Events page, and visit with us, too!

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