Crown Molding Design Ideas

Contemporary Molding

Crown molding adds oomph to your walls and enhances the character of your rooms. It is a design element that is so subtle (well, unless you go for an intricate or other funky style, that is), yet makes a huge impact on the cohesiveness and style of your spaces. If you are largely unfamiliar with this feature, you may have only one type of style stuck in your mind — “the crown molding standard,” which is likely a traditional style. There’s certainly nothing wrong with traditional — in fact, we love it! — but there are many different styles of crown molding to choose from.

Start with the interior style of your home. What does it look like and also what is your personal taste? For example, your home may be a traditional style, but your furnishings and decor are more modern. You’ll want your crown molding to compliment both so that it’s not totally out of place. The following goes over some of your various options, and we can certainly talk you through many more and advise you on styles for your home.


Credit: elegueller arquitetos

Modern crown molding 

A modern style is going to have a sleekness to it with clean lines and a very simple approach.


Credit: Julie Williams Design


The traditional will jut out and have a slightly curved staircase look between your walls and ceilings.

Intricate Crown Molding

Credit: Gauhar ZH


An intricate style works really well for an eclectic- or bohemian-style home. It also has some European flair for a Greek Revival home, for example. While other types of crown molding blend in, this style certainly stands out and becomes a focal point in each room.




Contemporary crown molding can go in a lot of different directions, however, like a modern style, it maintains clean lines. Today’s contemporary molding is also wider than a traditional look, making it have more of a bold presence.

Architectural Crown Molding

Credit: Solomon & Wu


How fun is this? An architectural look is not for everyone, but it is unique, and could work well in an artistic or modern home. It’s a conversation starter for sure!

Funky Crown Molding

Credit: dSPACE Studio Ltd


If you have traditional crowns and want to jazz them up a bit, consider some add-ons, like this funky, wide staircase style that draws interest to your ceiling area and looks like it’s part of the crown itself. A cool idea.

Still not sure what’s right for your home’s crown molding? We’d love to help you figure that out! Give us a call to set up a consultation — our Atlanta remodeling contractors will handle the custom woodworking! 




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