How to Create Calming Rooms in Your Home

Calming Rooms

What’s something that’s much-needed in today’s hectic lifestyle? Calm! Easier said than done, we know. But studies have shown that your surroundings do affect your mood, so there is a way to update your spaces to induce a more soothing environment. From paint colors to letting more of the outside in, this blog showcases some of our favorite calming rooms to ease the stresses of the everyday.

Calming Rooms

Credit: Tanya Capaldo Designs

Calming Room: Cozy Bedroom

This bedroom has all the essentials for a totally cozy experience. The walls boast a soothing gray, applied using a striated paint technique to create a wall finish that resembles grass cloth panels to add subtle texture. The floors are cerused oak, which were bleached to take out any yellow tones, then finished in a clear, white stain for a stunning neutral fixture in the room. And with the plush sheep’s skin rugs and comfy chaise, you’d never have to leave this Zen abode.

Calming Rooms

Credit: Marvin Windows and Doors

Calming Room: Patio Perfection

Bringing the outside in has always been good for the soul. Open up a dining room or living room to your patio or outdoor spaces with large sliding doors, like these from Marvin Windows and Doors, and feel the relaxation that only nature and a little sunshine can provide. Also worth noting: This home goes for a nautical and neutral palette that nods to the ocean. Can’t you almost hear the waves in the distance? Almost?

Calming Rooms

Credit: Anna Profitos

Calming Room: Gorgeous Guest Bedroom

Lovely lavender can soothe just like its floral namesake. Bring in the hue for a surprising and calming fixture in a guest bedroom or even your home office. Because your guests could use a little getaway peace, too, right? As for the home office, lavender adds just the right amount of pop of color and goes very well with neutrals like gray, white and taupe.

Calming Rooms

Photo credit: Sogno Design Group

Calming Room: Spa Bathroom

First of all, note the lavender, an herb known for its calming properties, growing in the container at left and cuttings in the glass vase at right. Nice touch! This bathroom knows what’s up when it comes to creating a look and feel that is spa-ah. Next, a lofted ceiling gives it an airy ambiance while the window sheds light on a plunge tub that’s connected to a large walk-in shower with cedar wood flooring like something out of the Mandarin Oriental Atlanta’s day spa. You’d want to take your time lingering in this soothing space.

Do you have a room that needs a calming update? We’d love to help you with the project! Contact us to get a free estimate for paint and light renovations.

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