Choosing Paint Colors: 5 Paint Trends You’ll Love

Embarking on an Atlanta interior painting project? We know choosing paint colors can be a daunting task. To help you pick the hottest colors and color combos for your home, we got the scoop on 2014’s distinct color palettes from Sherwin-Williams’ Southeastern Designer Marketing Manager Carolyn Noble. An internal team that focuses on compiling trend research brings homeowners beautiful new colors each season (sounds like a pretty cool gig!). “We found our inspiration from fashion, science, pop culture and global traditions to create these collections,” Carolyn says. Drumroll, please!

  1. Gray is the new black. As the world races forward with science, math and technology, we will all celebrate our inner geek in 2014 with the gray paint trend. Sherwin-Williams’ Reasoned Palette embraces the gray scale. For a dynamic space, such as a dining room, Carolyn recommends choosing paint colors like Peppercorn (SW 7674) on the walls with crisp Extra White (SW 7006) for ceiling and chair rail (the molding that dissects a part of a wall) moldings.
  2. Spiritual enlightenment. Light, delicate, airy colors that evoke a feeling of simplicity and spiritual balance are gorgeous for any room in your home, especially a bathroom or bedroom. You can find these tones defined in Sherwin-Williams’ feminine Diaphanous Collection. “For an alluring, elegant living room, try using Alpaca (SW 7022) with matte on walls and Pearl finish for trim,” Carolyn suggests.
  3. Back to nature. Ever-inspiring, there’s a movement towards getting back to nature in the home with organic patterns and textures, which are what inspired Sherwin-Williams’ Curiosity palette. “Exquisite jewel tones can be brought into a study or den, using Library Pewter (SW 0038) with Blue Peacock (SW 0064) accents,” Carolyn says.
  4. Think globally. As an appreciation of artisans from various cultures and their handmade crafts grows, so does their influence on color, fashion and home décor. The Sherwin-Williams Intrinsic Collection was created from global traditions. For a rich, bold look, Carolyn proposes choosing paint colors, such as Ramie (SW 6156) combined with Ceremonial Gold (SW 6382) and Polished Mahogany (SW 2838).
  5. What a pearl. For an unexpected and upscale touch in any room, go for an ultra-smooth and silky-paint finish. To pull this look off, try the brand-new Pearl finish from the Sherwin-Williams Cashmere product, suggests Carolyn.
Color Trends 2014

Carolyn Noble, Southeastern designer marketing manager, Sherwin-Williams


Which paint colors or paint trends did you choose for your recent Atlanta renovation? We’d love to see—post a pic on our Facebook page!

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