Castle Painting and Remodeling’s New Home

We got to move it, move it! It’s been a summer of change and upgrades for Castle Painting and Remodeling. We didn’t move far from our old location on Roswell Road; in fact, our new office space is just down the block. However, it’s already made a world of difference for our clients and the Castle Painting and Remodeling team. We had the great opportunity to buy our new office instead of rent — we’re here to stay and grow, Atlanta!

Castle Painting New Office

Castle Painting and Remodeling’s new address:

4627 Roswell Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30342

Our new office building is a standalone house that needed some extensive renovations. We took out pretty much all of the interior walls to reveal an open, more modern floor plan with dark-wood floors, a spacious kitchen/meeting area, a lounge space for guests and more. It is stunning! We can’t wait for you to see Castle Painting and Remodeling’s new home—feel free to pop by anytime.

Castle Painting New Office

A big initiative in this Castle Painting office project was to make the new office “green.” We took several measures to ensure a healthy and eco-friendlier structure, including:

  • Lead paint removal. (A biggie.)
  • Then, we painted the office top to bottom in beautiful shades of gray (ooh la la!) from Sherwin-Williams. We chose zero-VOC paint, which stands for volatile organic compounds, which are not “organic” in a Whole Foods kind of way. VOCs release chemicals into the air, so we didn’t want them in our office!
  • All of the appliances, including HVAC, and the office’s structure itself, such as the insulation, were made to be completely energy efficient.

Castle Painting New Office

The result is much more space and an office that we are proud to invite customers into. We love it! Atlanta, you are our forever home. Come visit us!

Thank you, Gregg Willett for the photography.

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