Best Colors to Paint an Office

Chances are, if you work in an office day to day, you can quickly cite the colored wall you stare at when you’re thinking. If you’re the head of a company and looking to move into a new office space or renovate a current space, the memory of these colors quickly disappear as soon as you need to make a paint choice. The good news is, there are definite guidelines when choosing an office paint color and the best colors to paint an office are equal parts interior design and science (and we’ve done our homework!).

Whether you’re looking to inspire creativity, fuel passion, minimize fatigue or help workers better focus at their desk, there’s a corresponding color that’s best for that. And not surprisingly, there are also a collection of colors that are not good for your office.

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Best Colors to Paint an Office
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Blue is generally considered the darling of office decor and design. It’s not polarizing (not many people hate blue) and it’s a calming color, great for creative and collaborative environments, according to With our hectic lives in and out of the office, many are looking for a calm, steady office environment to work in. And according to TaskWorld, blue is also a color we associate with focus and productivity (assuming we’re in a stable environment, we get a lot done).

Best Colors to Paint an Office

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Similar to blue, green also has a calming effect on us when we’re working, according to Fast Company’s reporting of a study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. The study also cites that while the color stimulates creativity, it also encourages performance, which leads to innovation.

Best Colors to Paint an Office

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According to Fast Company’s reporting of a study conducted at the University of British Columbia, red is a great color to surround detail-oriented people with. It can both stimulate your pulse and raise your blood pressure, so be thoughtful of where and how you use it.

White, often favored by open floor plans and offices everywhere, is apparently not a good color to paint an office. Often chosen because companies are looking for an open, airy feel, the color, according to The Huffington Post, can also leave an office feeling sterile and stagnant (like a hospital). If you really like the idea of painting the office white, consider using some other warmer neutrals, like a taupe or beige with yellow undertones and adding color accents.

Have you ever worked in an office with a terrible paint color choice? What was it? Have you ever painted an office or consulted on workplace color choices? Tell us!

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