4 Cool Pet-Friendly Home Designs

Pet-Friendly Home Designs

You love that little furball like it is a true family member! So when renovating your home or updating your spaces, why not plan for a few pet-friendly home designs? Some tweaks here and there will not only make your little (or big!) buddy comfortable, they can also help keep your rooms clutter-free. Here are some ideas—some subtle; others more extravagant. But all purr-fect and woof-able. (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.)

Above photo: Plain & Fancy by Dandamudi’s

Pet-Friendly Home Designs

Photo: Haddad Hakansson Design Studio

Dog dish built-ins
Tired of kicking over the water bowl? The designers at Haddad Hakansson tucked away Fido’s food and water station in a design that looks sleek and sophisticated, like the rest of the kitchen. Here, the fancy-shmancy pup’s bowls are inset into a small slab of white quartzite. The cabinet above has a tilt-out tray for dog treats, too.


Pet-Friendly Home Designs

Smart storage solutions
Pet-Friendly Home Designs
Feline-friendly patio
This project takes pet love to a whole new level. Step in: the “catio” (aka a patio built for your cats…oh, and you, too). There’s a catwalk system that comes down from a top level of the home, connecting with a 600-square-foot enclosure that’s screened around the sides and has bird netting overhead to protect both birds and kitties. Within the catio itself, there’s a pond with koi, goldfish and mosquitofish (apparently, contrary to popular belief, cats don’t go after fish, but they do enjoy watching them so this is pure entertainment). Must. Love. Cats. That’s for sure…

Kitty playground
Cats just wanna have fun, and this homeowner is happy to oblige with a spiral slide, wall perches and much more. Watch the video—you’ve never seen anything like it!
How far would you go with your pet-friendly home designs? Do you think the Catio is too much or just right? 

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