3 Easy Ways to Make Your Outdoor Patio Pop This Summer

When the warm weather arrives, so does our desire to be outside. Summer brings a swarm of pool parties, outdoor barbecues, and all around fun in the sun! That means it’s time to prep your patio for entertaining.

We compiled a short list of 3 easy ways to make your outdoor patio pop this summer so that you can sit down, relax and enjoy the season.

Photo Credit: Dwellingdecor

1. Paint the Deck a Coastal Hue

What better way to have your guests feel at ease than to make them feel like they’re at the beach?

One of the painting trends of summer 2017 is to invite coastal hues inside… and outside of your home. By adding cooler tones to your outdoor patio space, you can turn down the heat while still enjoying that summer sun.

What we recommend: Go for the blues. Blue, coastal hues not only remind us of the ocean but they also come in a variety of options!

Photo Credit: Everything Coastal

2. Add Texture to Your Space

Adding texture is a go-to practice when designing one’s home. Texture can add height, dimension and even emotion to any room in order to make it your own! By adding different textures to your patio, you are creating a unique space that will make your patio pop and your designs stand out to your guests.

What we recommend: Piece together patio furniture that brings different textures into your space! Mix wicker and iron or even wood with a variety of textiles.

  Photo Credit: Lonny

3. Bring Your Inside…Outside!

This new trend for 2017 calls for thinking outside of the box… pun intended. You can create homey vibes on your outdoor patio by designing indoor-esque setups.

What we recommend: Pull out your most eclectic outdoor rug. This not only adds a cool fusion of color, but it also gives your patio character! We particularly love this setup from Dwell.com, the rug adds just a touch of boho to an otherwise elegant, relaxed look.

Photo Credit: Dwell

Do you have a patio that needs some love and attention with a fresh coat of paint or some light remodeling? We would love to set you on the right track … Call us today for a free estimate! 

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