2016’s Color of the Year is…White?

Photo credit: Sherwin Williams

Every year about this time, the major paint companies release next year’s color forecasts of what the trending paint colors will be. Often, paint companies also predict their color of the year—next year’s most stylish, on-trend color for customers to use in their home. Well, the results for 2016 are in and Sherwin-Williams, Glidden and Benjamin Moore are more or less unanimous on next year’s top color. 2016’s Color of the Year is…white. If you’re a little confused, we were, too.

2016’s Color of the Year is...White

Photo credit: Glidden

Ok, so to be fair, all the paint companies chose whites, but if you’re a paint nerd like us, there are subtleties within the colors. Sherwin-Williams’ Alabaster has an earthy-gray tone that’s supposed to be symbolic of peace and tranquility. Glidden’s Cappuccino White is slightly brighter but also supposed to offer silence and peace for the busy home. Benjamin Moore’s Simply White is just that…simply white. So not much of a surprise twist there, but it sure is pretty on a wall!

2016’s Color of the Year is...White

Photo credit: Benjamin Moore

So why the whitewash? In their various releases and statements, each company states different reasons for choosing white as next year’s big color but there are some commonalities. One of these themes is that as our lives have become more connected through smartphones, car entertainment systems, smart TVs, ipads, etc and that homeowners are looking to remove visual complexity from their homes. According to the big paint players, we quite literally want to come home and stare at a white wall to calm us down from our over-stimulated lives. It makes sense if you think about how many hours a day you spend staring at a computer or your cellphone.

Another common reason cited for why we all need a little more classic white paint in our lives is flexibility. With aging generations and multi-generational homes (from kids to parents to grandparents), white is a non-polarizing choice that most families, ages and genders can agree on.

No matter the reckoning, it’s clear that white is it for paint in 2016. From an interior design perspective, white walls quite literally gives you a blank canvas to play with. If you’re ready to embrace this trend, try mixing flat matte paint surfaces with white high gloss and add in textures like thick cozy throw blankets, white fur or layering classic white weaves.

What do  you think about 2016’s color of the year? Is picking white brilliant or bogus? Do you think they made a bold choice? Or maybe just decided not to make one at all? Tell us!

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